Nora nov 2017

M.E. Bartelsman

Family Doctor

Nora Bartelsman went to medical school and did her family doctor specialisation at the University of Amsterdam. She received her degree in 1983 and has been working at Praktijk Delflandplein since 1984. 


Tamara 2013

T.M. Kruse-Obbens

Family Doctor

Tamara Kruse-Obbens studied at the Vrije Universiteit where she received her medical degree and did her family doctor specialisation. She has been working at Praktijk Delflandplein since 2010



Ellen Nijboer, huisarts


EJM Nijboer

Family Doctor

Ellen Nijboer works 2 or three days a week at our practice. 


 Fernande Brand, aios

F. Brand


Fernande Brand is our resident physician. She is a qualified doctor specialising in family medicine at the Vrije Universiteit. She will be with us till May, 2019. 


Ans 10x15 liggend

A. Stricker

practice assistant/physician assistant/POH-S

Ans Stricker has years of experience as a practice assistant. She is also qualified in the care of patients with diabetes, cardiovascular risk management, COPD and care for the elderly. She works closely with the family doctors. Her patients are reviewed regularly.


duniya eigen keuze

D. Parveen

practice assistant/physician assistant/POH-S

Duniya has been working with us since 2013. She, too, is qualifeid in diabetes, cardiovascular risk managment and COPD care. She is certified to offer guidance in the Quit Smoking program recommended by health insurance companies.


Juliette Eggink 10x15 liggend

J. Eggink

physician assistant mental health care/POH-GGZ

Juliette Eggink has ample experience in psychiatric care. Her specialties are prevention and acceptance and commitment therapy(ACT). Your doctor will refer you to her to discuss mental health problems. There is no additional fee to consult her.


Margriet 2013

Margriet Hoogewerf

practice assistant

When making an appointment with the doctor, the practice assistant will ask about the problem you wish to see the doctor about. She needs to know to help decide the urgency and the amount of time needed for the appointment. She is also qualified to give medical advice for common medical problems. She is qualified to give injections, treat wounds, remove stitches, do urine and blood examinations and make screening PAP smears.


Oum Keltoum Akhnikh

Oum Keltoum Akhnikh 

practice assistant

Oum has the same qualifications as Margriet.